Thursday, August 9, 2007

You don't know fun...

until you've had a dog with stress colitis. Meet Lily (pictured above with her celebrity lookalike, Ed, the crazy hyena from The Lion King) she's our American Pit Bull Terrier. Go ahead and *gasp* - that's what most people do when I tell them that I (a white, female, middle class, college graduate, job-holding, homeowner) have a pit bull. Lily is also special needs. She was seized by the Tarrant police when she was only 8 weeks old as part of an abuse case. 4 years later, we're still battling her demons - fear aggression, selective dog aggression and now colitis.

She's a love at home, with us, on a strict routine but the slightest change triggers the colitis. Colitis - inflammation of the colon. It's as bad as it sounds. And it smells even worse. She needed to go out twice during the night last night, each time barely making it to the door. But, as always, she'll be fine in a day or two...until then I'll continue to wipe her butt and clean my floors. Because that's what you do for those you love.

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Anonymous said...

Waking up in the middle of the night for bathroom emergencies! Wipe her butt and clean your floors! Yea, I say you are ready for children. Keep up the good work! Brandon (Swindle)