Sunday, August 19, 2007

Top 5 ways we knew we were back in the south...

5. There was a Waffle House across the street from our North Carolina hotel last night.
4. A man named "Catfish".
3. Big girls wearing tank tops riding motorcycles.
2. It's still 90 degrees with 70+% humidity at 11 p.m.

**drumroll please**


Brandon and I will be headed back in 8 weeks - we're going to make a week long vacation out of it so I hope we're sent back to Laconia. I've already found lake cottages to rent!


Swindle's said...

You two should give us a call next time you are in NC. We are about 5 miles off of I-85 in Salisbury (if you were to go that way).

Catherine said...

Big girls in tank tops on the back of motorcycles appear in California too. I think its an international phenomenon.