Thursday, August 23, 2007

Meet Marley

I've introduced Lily (see my "Stress Colitis" post) and told you a bit about our current foster Georgia, so now I'll introduce Marley. She's the youngest of our bunch and will be a year old in September. I picked her up the week before Thanksgiving 2006 from a vet's office in Montgomery. She was 10 weeks old and had been living in his kennel for about 6 weeks. In case you're wondering, a 10 week old puppy that has lived in a kennel for 6 of those weeks is a nightmare to crate train - 10 months later, we're still fighting that battle. We took Marley because 1) she looked almost exactly like our earlier fosters Mason and Mina who were both adopted FAST and 2) because the stupid vet was trying to give her away to anyone who walked into his clinic. In the six months we had her listed for adoption, we received maybe 3 inquiries on her and they were all given the polite, "Over my cold dead body." So Marley joined Lily in the category of "Fosters that never left."

Marley is 50lbs (most of that being her super long legs) and the only one of our dogs that has no identifiable breed. We're guessing a terrier of some sort, but that's all we've got. We call her our Alabama Brown Dog and she'll soon be running flyball with Veronica.



MARLEY IS SO PRETTY!! SHe is so adorable. She looks so happy where she is. SHe is kinda hard to tell exactly what she is a mix of :)


Kristi, I didn;t realize my account was still set up inder the Vulcan park name! If you see this it is me

Natalie Reeves :)