Tuesday, September 13, 2011


1. Sawaah = her name. Best said with a bit of sass!
2. Tew = her age. Generally accompanied by several fingers...rarely two...and it usually looks like some sort of toddler gang sign.
3. Cooler = color. As in, "Mommy! A cooler book!!" The plural "coolers" = crayons.
4. Plato = Mickey Mouse's dog.
5. Nackie = snack. Or "Feed me NOW!"
6. Owwwwww! = the sound a cat makes.
7. Buggie = bug. Sometimes it's scary, other times not. Sometimes it's just a piece of fuzz.
8. Go! = what she yells from the backseat when the car slows down.
9. BooBoo = her knees. She fell MONTHS ago and scraped her knees. They've long since healed, but we're still using multiple bandaids every day.
10. Wock = she wants someone to rock her in her chair. She hasn't let us "wock" her to sleep in a LONG time so we jump as soon as she says it.