Monday, March 8, 2010

I blame Facebook...

for my lack of blog updates. It's easier to just pop on, post a quick photo and be done with it. But, part of the reason I prefer to blog is that I can archive everything (and even have it printed) as a way to avoid scrapbooking. As crafty as I am, I hate, hate, HATE scrapbooking! But I digress...

Let's get started with the Pooh costume that we found last week on super clearance - regular $30, on sale for $7.50! There weren't a lot of sizes available so we picked up a 2T thinking that maybe she could wear it Halloween of 2011. I didn't have the patience to wait a year and half so we crammed into it as soon as we made it home! HI-larious! The down side is that the dogs were eyeing her like a big stuffy toy!

We also FINALLY picked out and ordered a vinyl decal for the wall above Sarah's crib. That's the one thing that we lacked in finishing the room. It was a contest held by our favorite photographer that urged us to finish up. Check out Stephanie Fishers's Nursery Contest and vote for your favorite here: I confess, I've become that parent...posting all over my facebook page, every message board I'm on...but hey, first prize is a GREAT one!

I think we're slowly making our way out of most of our 3mo clothes - the dogs on the onesie below are looking a bit distorted and the pants seem to be squeezing her around the middle! We still have quite a few 3mo sleepers that fit but the Carter's outfits we have...not so much. Problem is, 6mo clothes are WAY too big. Also, notice the shoes...we finally broke down and bought her a little pair of crib shoes (soft soled) in an attempt to keep her socks on - so far, so good! Sarah currently weighs 13lbs, 8oz and is approximately 25" long (TWICE her length at birth!). I say "approximately" because it's nearly impossible to measure a squirmy 7mo old!

We introduced pears last week, and while it's not butternut squash (still her absolute favorite), she really likes them. We tried pears after ditching the green peas we'd started the week prior. We'd had maybe four days of peas when Sarah's eczema (that was completely cleared up) came back with fury. On top of that, all the progress we'd made on her reflux since she came home four months ago...out the window. In the last two weeks I've used almost two bottles of spray & wash and done more laundry than I thought my washer could hold. Sarah's pedi doesn't think the peas are the culprit, but I'm not so sure. Peas are actually listed as a likely allergen on several lists I've seen, I was just caught off guard because I was watching for hives and other typical symptoms.

We've been off the peas for almost two weeks now and her eczema is back under control. Her reflux is better, but still not where it was before this. She'd been doing so well that we were supposed to try weaning her from her meds this month. That's been put on hold for now and her dosage was increased for her recent weight gain. Food allergies I can work with...the thought that we've undone all the progress we've made with her reflux? That might push me right over the edge!

In developmental news, Sarah is now rolling front to back AND back to front! Here's Frankie giving her some pointers:

We have two OT and two PT appointments this month. So far, both therapists are pleased with Sarah's development. I predict she'll be scooting/crawling soon...and then we're all in trouble!

Sarah went to her first flyball practice over the weekend and used the special ear muffs that we ordered as soon as we found out I was pregnant. Flyball is LOUD - most tournaments have 200+ dogs...that's a lot of barking! I was surprised that Sarah tolerated the ear muffs as well as she did - she wore them for almost two hours and even fell asleep toward the end of the morning. Our next tournament will be early this summer and at that point, we'll probaby use wax plugs in her ears in addition to the muffs.

Sarah's final Synagis (RSV) shot will be next week since, according to the CDC, RSV season ends in March/April in Alabama. We'll apply to be considered for the shots again next year, but given the cost, our insurance is not likely to approve the request.

As it warms us, we'll be able to venture out more, though I doubt I'll ever feel comfortable passing Sarah around from person to person. We're working on plans for her birthday and since I have no idea what I want to do, I'm glad we've started early!