Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Because I need a few more things to do at work...

and because something about MySpace scares the hell out of I am. But unless my dogs learn to type, don't hold your breath for timely posts!

Meet Georgia (pictured above) - if you're in the market for an awesome American Bulldog, she's your girl! Brandon and I have been fostering her since early June while she's undergoing heartworm treatment. She was found with one pup living on the old baseball field at Samford University. It's obvious to me that Georgia was once someone's dog (she's housetrained, knows a few basic obedience commands) but it's also obvious that she wasn't well cared for (evidenced by the puppy and the heartworms). But, no matter. No one was looking for her and if we're being honest, I wouldn't have returned her if they were - she deserves more than that.

Georgia will be available for adoption at the end of August (once her heartworm treatment is complete) and her profile can be seen at or .

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Swindle's said...

What a beautiful dog! Keep up the good work! I link you in with my blog so some of the Minor clan can see what you are up to...I know, just what you always wanted. Brandon