Thursday, August 16, 2007

From the road - Part 1

We’re 4 hours into our trip and we’ve already stopped twice – once for lunch and gas and just now to dig a collar out of Barky’s mouth. I thought the metal microchip tag was a goner but I found it in the sea of newspaper confetti in the bottom of the crate. You’re probably wondering if someone seriously named a dog Barky – no, but with 24 dogs in the van, we’re calling them something that fits. So far we have Barky (right behind the driver’s head of course), Drooly (I tried to give her a half and Ace but her crate-mate ate it – oops!), Mama (self explanatory), Baby 1 and Baby 2 (they go with momma). Everyone else is calm and quiet – bless their hearts!

Oh and did I mention that it’s HOT? The van is master jimmy-rigged with portable fans, but at this point, they’re just circulating the hot air. Meanwhile, we’re freezing up front with the air blasting in an (futile?) attempt to cool the back.

So, only 20 hours to go…and that’s just until we get there!!! I should also mention that it’s my birthday and though it smells a little funny in here right now, I can’t think of a better way to be spending it ;-)

More later!

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Swindle's said...

Happy Birthday!!! That should make you 33 years old, right? Hope all is well and check out NH when you are up there. It is very beautiful in some parts.