Monday, January 18, 2010

We're Marching for Babies!

It's amazing that something I knew nothing about just one year ago - premature birth - has become such a huge part of my life. When my water broke on June 21st I was only 23w1d pregnant...I was horrified that we would lose the baby we'd grown to love. I will NEVER forget one moment of that journey. I clung to the stats and stories I found on the March of Dimes website...praying that Sarah would be one of the lucky ones.

No one should have to experience that. Ever. No one should have to wait 19 days to hold their child because of all the wires and tubes. No one should have to decide whether to tend to their responsibilities at home or to spend the day in the NICU with their baby. No one should have to worry that their baby might not survive.

The March of Dimes supports research and therapies that will one day make prematurity a thing of the past. I can't wait until that day comes! In the meantime, we have to continue the fight. Saturday, April 24th is the March of Dimes annual March for Babies - there will be walk locations all over the country, but Team Sarah Francis will be walking in Birmingham. We would love, love, LOVE to have you all join our team and walk with us - visit and search for "Team Sarah Francis" to sign up. If you can't walk with us, please considering donating to our team - you can donate via by using either the link above or the MofD badge on the righthand side of the page. And remember, every penny counts!

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Christi said...

Yeah! When I look at all of the teams I get so excited...we are team Gunner!