Sunday, January 10, 2010


I think we've finally recovered from the holidays, and tomorrow starts our month FULL of doctor visits. Sarah has a routine GI follow up tomorrow, followed by her monthly Synagis shot (to ward off RSV) at the pedi on Friday. Next week we see her pedi again for her six month shots (yikes!) and the following week I see my allergist. Let's see, with copays at $30 each, plus parking for the pedi visits, plus gas...well, at least we have insurance to cover the bulk of the charges!

We also have an appointment with our county's Early Intervention program this Tuesday. Most parents don't want to hear that their child needs EI, but I was relieved when Sarah's physical therapist (who also heads up our county's EI program) assured me she would qualify for services based on the length of her hospital stay alone. I'd prefer we have evaluations and access to therpy services all along rather than get a year down the road and find out that we have problems. This week is the paperwork portion and the following week will be the formal evaluation. All services will be provided at home so we don't even have to take Sarah out.

We're gearing up for the March of Dimes' annual fundraising walk - March for Babies - on April 24th. I've said all along that I owe an awful lot to the March of Dimes and this is the perfect opportunity to give back. Get your walking shoes (and your wallets!) ready and stay tuned for more info on TeamSarah!

Finally, I'm excited to finally get back to a couple of training classes this month. Dog training, that is. Ralphie and I worked so hard back in the Spring to pass his Canine Good Citizen certification...unfortunatley, I was hospitalized shortly thereafter and his training went out the window. We picked up a Level III obedience refresher course last week and we start Rally this week in preparation for his Delta Society (therapy dog) evaluation.

And because I know this is the REAL reason you all come here:

Sarah and may remember him better as her official carseat tester. And let me assure you...Sarah IS all that!

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