Monday, January 11, 2010

GI follow up

Sarah's GI follow up was this afternoon and Dr. M was very pleased with her weight gain (severe reflux often results in weight loss as well as feeding problems) and the general improvement in her reflux overall. I told a friend just yesterday morning that Sarah's reflux seemed to have improved a good bit lately...and I'll be damned if she didn't have a terrible day of reflux problems after that! That was the first bad day in a few weeks though, and the biggest improvement has been in the "projectile vomit" category. It's been a while since we lost an entire bottle (and a shirt or two) to projectile reflux.

So, since Sarah has gained weight consistently since her last visit, and since her reflux has continued to improve (without an increase in her meds to compensate for her weight gain) we're hopeful that this mess will soon be a thing of the past. Per Dr. M, many babies outgrow the reflux by six months - Sarah will be six months old (chronologically) on the 21st but she won't be six months old (adjusted) until April. He wants us to get thru flu/RSV season first (because reflux is sometimes aggrivated by sinus/respiratory problems and vice versa) and toward the end of March we'll wean Sarah off her Zantac. That plan may change in the meantime, and we may find that she still needs the meds, but it's nice to see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel! Two of the four meds she takes multiple times a day are reflux related (the other two being a vitamin and a probiotic) so it will be nice to drop those entirely.

One January doctor's appointment down, three more to go!

Oh and I finished Sarah's new diaper bag last night just in time for our busy month:

Sadly, I started this bag before Sarah was even discharged from the hospital but in honor of UA's 13th National Championship, I decided to get off my tail and finish it up! Roll Tide!!


Swindle's said...

RTR Love the bag!!! You should make and sell those (with license approval of course).

Laila said...

Zantac is amazing... relieves my lil cupcakes heartburn, hope I can also take it to relieve my heartache! LOL Got it online at