Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Early Intervention

We had a visit this morning from our county's EI service coordinator. This was just to get our paperwork in order prior to Sarah's formal evaluation next week. Ralphie was the only dog in sight when the coordinator came in and of course he had to make sure he was seen. She said, "Oh! You have dogs! What kind?" And I thought, "Oh crap, here we go." I said, "That's Ralphie, our male pit bull...but before you *gasp* he's very nice and we're actually working on his therapy dog certification..." She said, "I have TWO pit bulls at home!!!!" Yay! I like her already! It's nice to NOT have to give my "Yes, I'm pretty sure my dog won't eat my daughter" speil.

Thankfully, tomorrow and Thursday should be quiet for us before our pediatrician appointment on Friday.

Here's Sarah, ready for CiCi's vet appointment this afternoon:

And how we found Frankie when we got home:

"Tearing up my bed?! Who?! ME??" - Frankie

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