Monday, October 29, 2007

My broken heart.

Georgia is leaving. It's been the original plan all along. It's what we've prayed for daily. So why is my heart breaking?

We approved an awesome adopter on Saturday though Georgia won't leave until after her heartworm recheck next week. For my own peace of mind, I need to know that she's healthy first. She'll be moving to 3 acres in Blount County to be a companion for a man in his early 60s... an unlikely applicant for a bully breed, I agree. But his brother has a female American Bulldog so he was looking for the breed speficially. No cats, no dogs, no kids, no grandkids. Perfect, perfect, perfect! Georgia needs one person to devote herself to and I think this is the one.

My only slight gripe is that he would prefer she not be on the furniture. Not a big deal as long as he realizes (and he does) that she IS allowed on the furniture at my house and it will require a bit of retraining. I also have to remind myself that my first dog CiCi was not even going to be allowed IN THE HOUSE. Yeah, that plan worked out great.

So, we have less than a week left with sweet, I'm going to miss that girl!!

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