Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Introducing Ruby!

As it turns out, she really is a 6mo Dachshund-mix! Once we had her out of the kennel and were able to handle her we realized that what we originally thought were puppy teeth are actually tiny adult teeth. And let me tell you, she's a firecracker!

She came into the house with the worst case of "little dog syndrome" I've ever seen. We put Veronica (very tall, 50lb Lab-mix) with her first because she's generally good natured with other dogs - she LOVES to do what we call the Jimmy-Jam when playing ;-) Yeah, Ruby (all 12lbs of her) jumped up to put her front feet on Veronica's back (a very dominant gesture) and actually tried to BITE HER! Of course Veronica laid her out flat, but still!!

And Marley...bless her big heart...I think she's sort of scared of Ruby! Ruby is about the size of Marley's head but when Ruby would growl, Marley would take off. She's either scared of her or of the fly swatters we had out for growling puppies!

So, for now, we're keeping her away from Lily and Georgia - until she learns some manners, I think she might be too much for them. I think Veronica, CiCi and Frankie will be able to straighten her out pretty quick though.

On a good note, Ruby behaved very well in the bath last night as I tried to kill all the fleas that were jumping ship and she slept quite nicely in her crate (without peeing or pooping during the night!). I'm making her spay appointment this morning (I won't even get into all the attempted leg humping) and she'll be on Petfinder by the end of the week.

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Catherine said...

Woo-hoo. Someone else for Ozzy to play with at Thanksgiving.