Saturday, April 26, 2008

We call this "Happy Tail"...

and it's not a good thing. When we found Ralphie three weeks ago, he had been chewed up from one end to the other - including a few bite marks on the very tip of his tail. He was apparently trying to get away from whatever had a hold on him but I guess he just wasn't fast enough.

Back to the "Happy Tail" - Ralphie gets SO excited when we let him out of his crate and he's wagging his tail SO hard that when it hits the wall (or the crate, or the sofa, or my legs) it knocks the scabs of the end of his tail. And in case you ever wondered, tails bleed like ears or nails that you clip too short.

Basically my kitchen looks like a crime scene. If a forensic unit ever comes into my house, I'll probably be doing some jail time.

Big Ralph's tail is now wrapped (in funny green tape that says, "No chew!") and I'm sure it'll heal up soon. :-)


Rcooke said...

Hi, How is the happy tail doing now? Is he chewing his tail or is he just whacking into things? I was wondering if the No Chew tape actually discourages chewing as our Lab will chew her bandages until there's blood everywhere and then she gets the dreaded "cone".

Richard - Lake Forest, CA

rockstarpup said...

Actually forensics can ID canine versus human blood, so you're off the hook. ;-)