Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Valentine update.

Here's sweet Val right after her puppies were born. This is the picture I received along with a plea to "please help this Boxer!" Boxer? Um...yeah.

Here's Val after her first week of boarding and treatment at my vet's office in January 2008). Looking better but still a LONG way to go.

And here she is now after a month in her Chicago foster home! That's yogurt on her nose...apparently she's a very eager eater!

Here she is with her foster brother and best friend Gizi. I think being in a foster home with another dog has made all the difference in the world.

And that brings me to my favorite picture ever - Chicago still has snow on the ground so Gizi and Val get their exercise indoors...chasing each other around the couch at full speed! Look at Gizi's eyes bugged out of his head! Hahahahaha! You can almost hear him yelling, "Pit bull! Pit bull!" Val has also figured out that if she just stops and waits, Gizi will eventually just run right into her. Crazy pups!

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Cool dog