Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Dudley update:

since the last two weeks have been all about Ralphie. Dudley is still with us in spite of getting 150+ hits each week on Petfinder (which is unheard of on our site). We've gotten several applications but none that have wowed me. And yes, I'm picky. My fosters will NOT be placed in a home where they will be left outside for any extended period of time. And being part pit bull, Dudley should NEVER be left outside unattended at all. Too many things can happen and pit bull owners cannot afford to take that chance. So he remains with us. For now.

He's approximately 5mos old now and is pushing 30lbs. And his feet...they just keep getting bigger and bigger! Oh, and he LOVES Marley. I'm not sure if he thinks she's his mom or what, but he now runs like her, plays like her and when I say, "Come on Marley, go to your room (crate)!" Dudley comes running to go in too. It's not uncommon to find the two of them snuggled up together sleeping in Marley's crate. Silly dogs!

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Moose In Pajamas said...

Hi Dudley!!

You're as good looking as your momma!! Have fun playing with Marley... she's a nice girl.