Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. I know, I know, it's been over a MONTH...but it was a tough month for me. June 21st started my "one year ago..." and it a lot of ways, reliving it a second time was more difficult than the first. I suspect I'll always have demons to face this time of year.

2. Sarah's first birthday was on the 21st! ONE YEAR - holy cow, how did that happen?! We spent the morning with our favorite photographer and a birthday cake that was demolished by the end of the shoot. These photos...and all of the photos that Stephanie has taken for us are so precious...I'll be the first to admit that we went cheap-o on our wedding photos, but I'm a HUGE fan of GOOD photography now. We'll have these photos forever.

3. Sarah had her 1yr well baby visit on the 22nd. Keep in mind, she started out at 2lbs 3oz, 12.5" with a head circumference of 9.5". She's now 17lbs, 26.5" and her head is 18"! That puts us in the 3rd percentile for weight (for her ACTUAL age!) - we're ON THE CHART! She's still short though, so we're not on that chart. But her head? Um, yeah. 75th percentile. It's genetic. She didn't stand a chance. Here she is waiting for Dr. G.

4. While at the pedi, we delivered lunch to the NICU staff and cupcakes to the Labor/Delivery nurses. We also visited with our favorite L/D nurse, Karen:

5. In other medical related news, Sarah's follow up eye exam was in July as well. This exam was MUCH easier than the countless retina exams she had in the NICU. And the results? We don't have to go back until she starts kindergarten!!! Eye problems are quite common for babies on oxygen for as long as Sarah was, so this is a HUGE relief.

6. Sarah's party was on the 24th and we asked that our guests bring a donation for the NICU rather than a gift for Sarah. I wasn't quite sure what to expect...but I certainly NEVER expected this:

We received SO many things that will make the NICU a bit easier for the families who have to be there. A swing, bouncy seats, photo printer paper and ink, scrapbook supplies, crib mobiles, batteries, clothes, blankets, you name it! We delivered it last weekend and our sweet nurses were so thankful - Sarah's friends and family ROCK!

7. Any guesses what her first "official" word was? Really shouldn't surprise anyone :-)

8. With a bit of encouragement from her Occupational Therapist, Sarah is now WALKING behind her little push toys. And when she's determined, that little doll stroller moves pretty fast! She keeps moving until she hits something and has to stop...sometimes it's a wall, sometimes it's furniture, and sometimes, if they're not paying attention, it's a dog!

9. Speaking of dogs, our Veronica had pretty extensive ear surgery this week. Unfortunately, it's been a long time coming and while it would have been much easier financially if I were working...well, things don't always work out that way. But our dogs are family too so we do what needs to be done. The next week or two will be tough, but after that I think she'll be better than she's been in a LONG while.

10. Finally, another big milestone for Sarah is right around the corner...we leave next week for the BEACH! We were on vacation the week before my water broke last year, but haven't been anywhere since. Sarah has her swim diapers, suncreen and pool float packed - she's ready to go!

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Stephanie said...

I can't believe she's a year old already! I hope V heals up quickly and I hope you guys have a fantastic time at the beach. You deserve it :)