Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Somebody shoot me. Please.

Dogs. Sick. Vomit. Snot. Diarrhea. Everywhere. ALL of them. We've learned that our Bissell Pro Heat 2X is the VERY best money we've ever spent. My patio on the other hand...it may have to be sandblasted once the epidemic is over.

It started on Sunday the 26th and hasn't stopped yet. I guess sending dogs to daycare is just like sending kids to daycare - germs abound. And buddy, we're covered in them.

CiCi - recovering from the flu
Mazie - recovering from the flu, suffering from kennel cough
Frankie - suffering from the flu
Veronica - suffering from the flu AND kennel cough
Lily - recovering from the flu
Marley - recovering from kennel cough
Ralphie - recovering from kennel cough

I've made my vet's car payment this month in exchange for antibiotics and cough suppressants.

Dear God, PLEASE let this end soon!


Anonymous said...

look at the bright side! Alabama is #1.

Ari_1965 said...

Best wishes.