Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Crazy Easter Bunny!

Two weekends ago our rescue group had an Easter Bunny photo fundraiser. We were a bit short staffed and I got stuck in the bunny costume. It wasn't too bad...until you put the head on. It's lined with latex so it's hot and there's little to no air circulation in there. I was fine until I started thinking I could seriously suffocate - once that got on me, I had to leave the room and rip the head off asap! Thankfully, only one group of kids came and I doubt it was emotionally damaging for the dogs.

So it was a friend of mine who brought her kids and the two boys brought me carrots - how cute is that?! Except that, since I couldn't see anything thru the blasted mask, I ended up with the carrot UP MY FREAKING NOSE! And the photog is just snapping away...not so much as a "Hey, Bunny, the carrot's up your nose!"

Notice the boys holding their noses! Hahaha! My friend said when they got in the car the boys started with, "Hey momma!! That Easter Bunny had that carrot up his nose!!" She tried to tell them that I was just smelling the carrot...I don't think they bought it. So much for not emotionally damaging the kids!!


rockstarpup said...

omg, I am dyyyyyyyying laughing at that photo.

seriously hysterical!

Jen said...

This absolutely made me LOL. That is a RIOT!