Sunday, January 13, 2008

Humane Society of Greater Nashua

Nashua is one of the smaller shelters that our Humane Society partners with. It's also one of the greatest! They have an entire team of volunteers who assemble to meet each transport - all we have to do is unlock the van doors and get out of the way. They each had a printout of all our passengers and their kennel assignments so as soon as they were handed a dog, they knew exactly what to do.

This is the little pet cemetary in front of the shelter - most of the headstones are buried in the snow.

The back of the van was stacked with two rows of three crates. A litter of four red/blue ticks were in the large carrier on the bottom left. Most of the other crates had two dogs in each. We had a total of 32 in the van.

The view from the side door. We don't usually have these two carriers here, but since Whitney and I have made the trip several times, we were comfortable with the van being totally packed. Behind these two crates are two rows (up and down) of five crates.

First stop for the pups was the outdoor kennels that were just finished in the fall. This gave everyone a chance know...see the post below with the subject, "The proverbial yellow snow"! They also got to play a bit, though they were moved in quickly since their feet aren't accustomed to the snow and ice yet.

This is the smallest of the red/blue tick litter. He's also the smartest - standing on the planks to keep his feet out of the snow!

This is Marlene - sweet little girl. She rode in the very back with a view out the window.

Tanner wasn't too sure about the cold...I think he just wanted a belly scratch.

And here he is inside on his new blanket - all toasty warm! He shares a run with snaggletooth Buddy below.

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Melissa said...

Another successful trip! Good job ladies, you both rock!