Sunday, January 13, 2008


Q. You drive STRAIGHT thru from Alabama to New Hampshire?

A. Well, there aren't many hotels that will allow ONE dog, much less 25+! Besides, the longer it takes to get there, the more you have to clean up once you're there.

Q. How do you stay awake that long?

A. You don't. That's why we travel in pairs. One drives while the other (ideally) sleeps. I'm lucky that I can generally sleep anywhere, any time in any position. My problem is staying awake! Caffeine, sugar, energy drinks...all good too.

Q. How do you stand all the barking?!

A. You generally have a few that bark when you stop (for gas, food, etc) and a few that bark when you start back up. And if you have younger pups sharing a carrier, you get the occasional "altercation." For the most part though, it's perfectly quiet. Of course it never hurts to have a few tranquilizers on hand...

Q. How do manage to walk that many dogs?

A. We don't. Yes, in a perfect world we would walk them all several times during the 20+ hour trip, but that would turn it into a 50+ hour trip. We take out the ones we can get to and clean up the crates that need to be cleaned up. Aside from that, our job is to get them to New Hampshire as safe and as fast as possible.

Q. How do you stand the smell?!

A. You clean up what you can, spray a bit of Febreeze and get used to what's left.

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