Friday, December 21, 2007

I love updates!

And Christmas is the perfect time for me to email my adopters with "holiday wishes" in an attempt to solicit an update!

Meet Mina - she and her brother Mason were found by a co-worker of mine when they were only about 8wks old. Mason looked more Boxer-like and was adopted within a few weeks. Mina, on the other hand stayed with us for almost three months. She was adopted by a young couple in Tampa, FL - I met them in Tallahassee the weekend she went home.

Here's Mina at 8wks:

And here's Mina now, a year and a half later (on the right):

LOOK. AT. THOSE. EARS!!! I never thought they'd stand straight up like that! She's doing well and they've just added a new (although older) pup to their family.

Here's hoping my "holiday wishes" work on my other adopters...I'm dying for a Wally update from NYC!!

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