Thursday, December 27, 2007

2007's adoptions

I've had a whopping THREE adoptions this year...but we've only had four fosters so that gives us a 75% success rate. And I'm not counting Marley, since WE are the suckers who adopted her!

1. Clementine - adult female found on my front porch. Could have belonged to a neighbor I suppose...but she was intact and roaming without identification so that's not my problem. The lesson here is, don't let your pets roam near my house. I have my eye on a huge male tom cat that lives in the neighborhood right now...

Clementine was adopted on January 6, 2007. I'll never, ever forget that - Pepper died later that same night :-(

2. Next up is Minnow (a.k.a. Minnie Pearl) - 9yo blind female. Dumped at Baldwin County Animal Control in the middle of the night. In January. Classy people, I'm certain...but I digress. We drove down to pull her in late January and she was adopted in April. She now lives in Montgomery with the director of a German Shepherd rescue group, and believe me, Minnow is in charge of the German Shepherds!

3. Finally. my sweet Georgia - 3yo adult female. Georgia was found with one pup living at Samford University in Birmingham. When I was first contacted about her I had no clue what I was supposed to do with a slightly dog aggressive American Bulldog. But we figured it out - we raised the money ($475) for her heartworm treatment and she was a fixture at our house for more than five months. Man, we love this girl!

Georgia was adopted in early November and while she's still adjusting to all the changes in her life, she's doing quite well. We're not always heartbroken when our fosters leave (especially the puppies!) but we'll always have a special place in our hearts for Georgia.

So, that just leaves us with Miss Ruby's amazing to me that I've adopted out an adult cat, an ancient blind Chihuahua and a slightly dog aggressive adult American Bulldog...but I can't seem to GIVE away a young, small breed pup with no health or behavior problems!

Ruby's time will come, I'm sure of it...

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