Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Happy Birthday CiCi!

CiCi - my very FIRST dog - turns 9yo this month. God, how time flys! I bought my first house in May of 1999 and since I couldn't have a cat (I'm allergic) I thought I'd get a dog. I should add here that, at the time, I knew less than nothing about dogs! But the dog was to live outside only. That quickly turned into, "Well, she can come inside, but she's not getting on my furniture." By the end of the week, CiCi owned the house and was sleeping in the bed! We've been together ever since.

CiCi has been with me longer than my now husband (though Brandon and I were friends at the time). We've been thru a LOT together - including TWO knee surgeries (her's, not mine!) and countless facelifts (as a result of the fights she likes to pick with the other dogs) that have left her looking an awful lot like Joan Rivers. She has been both my best friend and the thorn in my side.

Thank you CiCi, for 9 years of unconditional love that only a dog can give.

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