Monday, November 12, 2007

Georgia's home.

We took Georgia to her new home Friday, and I have to say I'm terribly jealous of the view from her new backyard (top picture). We spent about an hour letting her get acclimated to her new surroundings and answering her new dad's questions and then quietly snuck out while she was exploring the house. I'm also proud to report that I made it out the front door before bursting into tears...and then sobbed the entire way home. And it was that ugly, "I could only cry that way in front of my husband" sort of crying...

My main concern is for Georgia's safety - getting loose, eating something she shouldn't, etc. Her new dad is fabulous and he's given me no reason to worry...but now that she's no longer with me, I can't control things...and that scares me.

I called Saturday afternoon for an update and it seems that once we left, she searched the entire house for us and would get excited every time a car drove by. Oh man, as if my heart weren't already broken...I never stopped to consider what a hard time she might have adjusting. I'm used to placing puppies and they generally adjust easily. I never thought that this might be different.

She is running and playing though and is doing quite well in her pen at night (she has her own little room). I know she'll adjust in time...I just wish it were easier. The worst part is feeling like she knows we abandoned her. I know, I know, I'm projecting human emotions onto a dog, but really, how would you feel?

I have to call today (no really, I do!! I have a leash suggestion for him!) so hopefully yesterday was a better day.

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Ari_1965 said...

It's not easy to hand a dog over to new owners. I've fostered some dogs this year that were...well, let's call them difficult...and although I was overjoyed that they had found new homes, I still agonized about whether they would adjust, would things be okay, would the new owners understand and tolerate their various quirks (and they had MANY). It's hard. I always type up a few pages about the dog's quirks, commands learned, special toys, etc. I think the new owners appreciate having something in writing even though I tell them the same stuff verbally. And it makes me feel better to think that I've written a mini-dossier on the dog. It's like I'm saying I've done my best and here's what I know about this dog.