Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Yes, it's a tutu. Yes, it's pink. This from someone who had no idea what she would do with a little girl... I went out in Friday's snow to buy the supplies. I blame it on cabin fever ;-)

Speaking of snow, we got about 2" here this past Friday. Certainly NOT what we're used to! We bundled Sarah up and took her out quickly for a few photos. She was totally unimpressed (as were the dogs!). We also used the snow as an excuse to go to dinner - we knew that very few people would be out and about. Sure enough, we walked in to Ruby Tuesday and it was empty!

We had our first visit from Sarah's Occupational Therapist last week - she spent about 45 minutes playing with Sarah and showing me ways to help her loosen her muscles up. Like so many preemies, she has high muscle tone, particularly in her chest/back. It's common in preemies because the portion of the brain that controls the body's muscles had less time to develop. With appropriate therapy, Sarah is likely to outgrow this by 12-18mos. We have her first of three February physical therapy appointments early tomorrow morning.

Sarah ate sweet potatoes over the course of last week with no apparent allergic reaction so this week we've moved on to butternut squash. If she liked the sweet potatoes, oh boy, she LOVES the squash! Though it might also be that she's just getting better with the spoon. Most of the time, she'll open her mouth when she sees it, and the majority of the food stays in her mouth now. Here she is in her new highchair enjoying her dinner...looks pretty excited huh??

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MoDLin said...

Love the tutu! Glad to hear Sarah is stating with PT and OT. They should be very helpful to her. And the squash... fabulous photo!