Tuesday, May 5, 2009

1 in 9,900

Those are the odds that Baby H will be born with Down Syndrome. There is also little to no chance of Baby H being born with Trisomy 18 or any neural tube defect. We did the first trimester genetic screenings for a variety of reasons 1) they're available, non-invasive and covered by my insurance, 2) I'm officially of "advanced maternal age" (what a crock) and 3) we know little to nothing about the medical history of B's biological father.

So, while we had no real reason to expect a problem, it's still a relief to know that everything is (likely) good. My next appointment (and BIG ultrasound) is scheduled for 5/27! We can't agree on a boy name so my bet is that the kid is boy. I'm equally confused by either so I truly have no preference.


Steph said...

That must be a huge relief!

Amanda said...

Great news! I'm glad the baby is going to be healthy. Good luck deciding on a name. I can't wait to hear what gender the baby is! How exciting!

Anonymous said...

I guess Brandon is taken..Dang! Let's bring back Tyrone! That is a name that I haven't heard on a newborn latety.