Tuesday, June 24, 2008


and it feels so goooood! Who would have guessed that 1) I would adopt out a momma dog foster (and a pit bull, no less!) to a family more than 700 miles away 2) I would then come across one of her pups in need of a foster home and 3) adopt him to a different family in the same city, still 700 miles away?? And then to get pictures of the two of them together again...I'm DYING!!!

Dudley on the left, Valentine on the right.

Dudley, Val's new brother Gizi on the right and Val supervising from the couch. You can just barely see Dudley's new sister Izzy on the far right. If you look closely, you can also see Dude smiling :-)

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a said...

I know the secret for these adoptions. Have you noticed the new sibling names? Izzy and Gizi?? You have to look out for any nesties with dogs that rhyme with Izzy and Gizi and you’ve found yourself a home for Raphie.